About Sara Avery

“Natural well-being is the core of who you are, and it doesn’t need to be created, only uncovered.”

Quanta Change Executive Director

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My Story

My own Quanta Change process has been profoundly life-changing.

When I first heard about Quanta Change, I thought maybe it could help with some emotional issues, especially my overwhelming need for people’s approval and my fear that I couldn’t accomplish things without a lot of help from other people.

But, as I understood more about the process, I became hopeful that it could help with a long-standing health issue—adrenal fatigue and overall endocrine suppression.

I could trace my adrenal fatigue back to elementary school, and by my late 20’s, the “brain fog” and fatigue made it impossible to continue my full-time career as a professional violinist.

I had tried all the alternative and conventional treatments and nothing worked. My last resort, at age 29, was to block and replace all my hormones—essentially go on “hormonal life support” for the rest of my life.

My Shift

But, this was scary, because when I had blocked and replaced one hormone at a time another hormone would drop and I would feel even worse. It seemed to me that there was something on a deeper level “keeping me down,” no matter what I did to try and fix it.

Once I understood what Learned Distress® is, I knew that I had found that “something.”

My father was very ill when I was born and died when I was 3 1/2. I realized that his illness was actually the source of my own. Essentially, that “being sick is the way to be human.”

This knowledge guided my early Quanta Change process, and within four months, my symptoms had either disappeared or radically diminished. I went from taking 80+ pills a day to taking none at all.

The shift in my need for approval was also dramatic.

I went from losing tons of sleep obsessing about what someone thought of me to being truly comfortable and at peace with who I am and how I express myself. And, I feel confident in taking Quanta Change forward in the world, as well as being a leader in a grassroots advocacy network.

Quanta Change has improved every area of my life. My relationships, my ability to support myself emotionally and financially, and my general outlook on life have shifted radically for the better.

My Goal

Excited by the changes I experienced, I began a five-year collaboration with Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann. Upon her passing, I took over the leadership of this work and through that collaboration and my experience guiding others since 2000, I’ve further refined the process.

The Quanta Change Process now provides a powerful mechanism for people to uncover the reasons they feel bad and to change that for good.

Those who reach out to me have often “tried everything” to address their physical, mental, and emotional blocks, and are often surprised that finally, something works.

They experience significant changes in the areas of physical and mental health, the ability to achieve goals, relationships, career, personal expression, and life purpose.

My goal as a Quanta Change Guide is to help you understand your own process and guide you through unlearning your Learned Distress, so you can feel better and fulfill your unique purpose in life.

I’m here for you when you’re ready to start!

Sara Avery (she/hers)
Quanta Change Executive Director


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More Information

Sara writes about facets of the human experience from a Quanta Change perspective on her own blog and was a regular columnist on Elephant Journal. She has been interviewed for WhisperingTree.net.

She gives frequent public talks about Quanta Change and has lectured at the Pikeville School of Osteopathic Medicine, the University of Michigan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, the Aspen Music Festival, and the American String Teachers Association National Convention.

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