The Book

Feel Good Being You

Overcome Your Roadblocks to Deep, Lasting Change

By Sara Avery

Feel Good Being YouCan you really break free from your old patterns?

Deep down, under all your efforts to live a rich and satisfying life, you just don’t feel happy. True or false?

You’ve tried everything out there to get rid of your painful patterns and feel better, but none of those things have worked for long, if it all. Yes or no?

Well, it’s not your fault! Feeling good is possible and experiencing ease is within reach. In this book, Quanta Change Executive Director Sara Avery shares the process derived through decades of research in neuroscience and physics that has brought deep and lasting transformation to her clients around the world.

With the guided Quanta Change Process, you can:

  • End your struggle to find lasting change
  • Improve your relationships, work life, and health
  • Uncover and fulfill your life’s unique purpose
  • Feel good just being yourself!

In these pages, you’ll find a gateway back to the natural state of well-being you had when you came into the world; walk through it and return to your true self.

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