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What changes can I expect to see?

You may notice that you sleep more deeply and feel more rested almost immediately. Many feel calmer, less “rattled” by circumstances, less bothered by things that usually annoy them. It’s very common to feel a new sense of hope that your life can really feel good. You may see situations begin to flow more smoothly in your personal or professional life, without you taking any new actions.

You may see that doing “good things for yourself” becomes easier or even effortless—like eating well, taking time for yourself, exercising, handling situations responsibly. Things that felt hard before often become easy as your unlearning progresses.

You may see health situations resolve themselves, as your well-being takes over. (Quanta Change is not a substitute for medical care. If you consult with healthcare professionals, you should alert them to monitor your situation closely so that as you unlearn, they can help you decide if your care needs to change.)

You may notice that people respond to you differently. You will gradually feel increasingly comfortable being yourself, just as you are, without “making things happen.” As others feel this, they feel freer to be themselves, and connecting with others gets easier.

How soon can I expect to see results?

Most people report feeling calmer and more rested the first day after sleeping with the Sensory Message recording. Many begin to see significant shifts in how their situations flow within the first couple of weeks. Each person is different, but the more you actively tell your brain you want it to unlearn during sleep, the faster the process typically goes.

I’ve worked a lot to change how I think. Isn’t Quanta Change the same thing?

No. Quanta Change is about changing how you feel. 20 years of Quanta Change research found that your sensory brain (the feeling part) is completely distinct from your rational brain (the thinking part). Your rational, thinking brain doesn’t even begin to develop until the age of 2 1/2, so the entire time your sense of self is developing, you are all about how it feels to be human. This sense of self generates every moment of your life automatically, therefore, is purely about feeling, and this is the level that Quanta Change works on.

What do you mean by “permanent change”?

Quanta Change participants tell us that they don’t have to keep working to change the same negative feeling or situation repeatedly. Unlearning reduces the intensity of negative feelings, often so much so that people say they’re gone completely. When people look back, lifelong negative feelings seem like a distant memory and although they can remember that the feelings existed, they don’t remember how they used to feel. And, since how we feel generates the moments of our lives, as the negative feelings are gone, so are their consequences.

How is the Sensory Message recording different from meditation, hypnosis, or other sleep recordings?

Sara Avery wrote the Sensory Message with the understanding about the sensory brain she gained from the Quanta Change research plus nearly 20 years of being a Quanta Change Guide. It works with your sensory brain’s energy renewal process during REM sleep, the time that you dream. This sensory part of your brain works purely with feelings—with how you feel. The Sensory Message gives your brain sensory images—“spoken pictures of feelings”—to tell it that you want to recharge with feeling good, rather than with feeling bad.

Is the Sensory Message subliminal?

No. You can hear absolutely everything that is on the recording and you’re encouraged to listen to it while you’re awake so that you can accept on a rational level the gentle message for the change it provides.

Is the Sensory Message “reprogramming” my brain?

No. The Sensory Message is the catalyst that allows your brain to unlearn negative feelings during your brain’s energy renewal process. As you unlearn, your own natural and unique well-being expands to take the place of the negative feelings you’ve released permanently. Your well-being becomes the energy from which your sensory brain generates more and more of your life.

Is Quanta Change about lucid dreaming?

No. While lucid dreaming encourages you to use your rational brain to interact with your dreams, Quanta Change is all about allowing your natural sleep process to take place without your rational interference. In fact, the Quanta Change research showed that unlearning requires your rational, thinking brain to be completely out of the way so that your sensory brain’s energy renewal can take place. Quanta Change will take place without any work on your part during sleep.

I like it quiet when I sleep. How can I sleep with this recording?

You can sleep with it playing at any volume that is comfortable for you. It might seem strange that you actually do not need to hear the recording while you are sleeping. Your hearing, along with the other senses, shuts down almost entirely while you’re asleep. We’ve confirmed over and over again with clients who have their volume turned down all the way or had the recording playing in another room, that Quanta Change still takes place, often profoundly. Visitors to my home often say that they have the best sleep of their lives at my house or that their dreams are different, very common Quanta Change experiences.

While we do not have a complete scientific explanation for this, we believe that because your sensory brain is open to change during sleep, that it senses the feeling with which Sara reads the Sensory Message on the recording, instead of hearing and interpreting the words.

So, all I have to do is sleep with this recording?

No. The profound changes in situations and life direction only result from engaging in the three ongoing elements of Quanta Change:


Work with a Quanta Change Guide in Quanta Change Sessions to learn how to navigate the process, track your progress, and recognize and celebrate your changes.


Play the Quanta Change Sensory Message recording while you sleep as the catalyst for Quanta Change.


Shift to a better feeling during your daytime negative moments in order to tell your brain specifically what you want it to change for you.

Your brain recharges at night with the feeling you’ve experienced during the day, so when you shift, you tell it that you want to recharge with well-being instead of your stored negative feelings. The change happens during sleep, but shifting guides it and makes it unique to you.

The share step takes place in sessions with a Quanta Change Guide, who will help you understand how to shift most effectively. She will also explain the signposts of the repeating Quanta Change Cycle that you will experience. Parts of the Change Cycle can be uncomfortable because you are releasing such profound negativity. Your Quanta Change Guide has a deep understanding of this process and will support you through it. And last, but definitely not least, she will help you notice the changes that take place and celebrate with you as your life begins to feel and work better effortlessly!

How long does Quanta Change take?

Some profound change may take place in a matter of weeks. However, your negative feelings have been intensifying your entire life, so some changes will probably take a longer period of time. The earlier phases of Quanta Change are about unlearning the negativity you’ve lived with. As a great deal of negativity falls away, you’ll find that your process becomes much more about taking your life in the direction you really want. For this reason, you may find that Quanta Change becomes more a way of life for you than a short, “fix-it” process. Most people work with a Quanta Change Guide on a regular basis for 2-3 years, and then do periodic check-ins after that point.

What Is the Origin of Quanta Change?

The fundamentals of this process were discovered through 20 years of initial research by Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann. This included research through the Humana Heart Foundation, a mentoring process with PhD neurophysiologist to understand brain development, and an applied research phase to develop the process basics. Then, Sara Avery and Mimi collaborated for five years to develop and refine the structure and other elements. After Mimi passed away in 2007, Sara took over the leadership of the work and has continued to refine and develop it to this day.

How Can I Become a Quanta Change Guide?

The most important requirement of being a Quanta Change Guide is your own deep experience with the process. Therefore, those who wish to apply to become a Quanta Change Guide Apprentice will first commit to two years of their own process in weekly or bi-weekly sessions with Sara Avery. At the end of those two years, Sara will evaluate your resonance with the process to determine if being an apprentice is a good fit. Those accepted as apprentices will engage in regular conference call classes with other apprentices for approximately three years while continuing to work one-on-one with Sara through their own personal Quanta Change Process.

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