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The Quanta Change Process

Have you tried to think or talk your way out of lifelong negative patterns?

If you’re like me (and most people!), I’m sure you have. Maybe you’ve done plenty of therapy or tried affirmations or other techniques that promise lasting change. You’ve been around the block once or twice trying to figure out how to just, well, feel good or have your life work.

If you haven’t been able to create lasting change, you’re not alone. And it’s definitely not your fault.

My guess is that you’re not even sure that anything will really work for you. I don’t blame you for feeling like nothing ever works, or if it used to, it doesn’t anymore.

Here’s where Quanta Change comes in.

Quanta Change, unlike many other personal growth and therapeutic modalities, makes an important, fundamental distinction–our lives result from the behavior of human energy, rather than resulting from human behavior. Our lives are generated automatically by the invisible work of our energy.


Learned Distress®

Early in life, you absorbed the feeling that there is something wrong with you being just the way you are. This awful feeling, which Quanta Change calls Learned Distress, is the feeling, or the energy, from which your brain generates your negative patterns–automatically. You absorbed Learned Distress before you had any choice in the matter, and your brain keeps generating situations that feel the same way without your conscious input or control.

A wall of resistance to change prevents you from thinking or talking your way out of your Learned Distress, which is why you’ve felt so frustrated trying to create positive change. The Quanta Change Process was developed to break through that wall of resistance to change, to uncover your natural well-being so that you can finally achieve lasting change.


Three Integral Elements

So, how does Quanta Change work? There are three essential elements that help you tap into your sense of self and tell your brain that you want to recharge with your well-being instead of your Learned Distress (the negative feelings you absorbed early in life).

This allows you to uncover and unlearn Learned Distress. When your brain peels off negative layers, your inherent well-being expands to take the place that those bad feelings have always occupied.

The first step to unlearning is to find out your Learned Distress type. Click to get your free, personalized report and set up your free 30-minute call to learn more.

Then, the process takes place through three integral elements:


Work with a Quanta Change Guide to navigate the process, the progress, and celebrate changes.


Play the Quanta Change Sensory Message recording while you sleep as the catalyst for Quanta Change.


Shift to better feelings during negative experiences to tell your brain what you want it to change.


Are You Ready for Life to Feel Better and Be Easier?

Three steps to get started on your Quanta Change Process:

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Step 3

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Hi, I’m Sara Avery!

In nearly two decades of guiding others through their own Quanta Change Process (along with a five-year collaboration with the founder), I’ve come to a deep understanding of how our lives work (and don’t) and how we can change that for the better.

I’ve refined the three integral elements of Quanta Change that give you a way to permanently burn off layers of Learned Distress.

As this “unlearning” happens, your natural sense of well-being expands to take the place of the burned off Learned Distress, and well-being becomes the energy that generates your life. Just as you’ve never worked hard to have a bad day, days that feel really good just begin to happen automatically.

Sound too good to be true? I certainly thought so when I first heard about it. Now, I’ve had almost 20 years to see for myself and through my clients’ experiences that it actually does work that way.

My goal as a Quanta Change Guide is to help you understand your own process and guide you through unlearning your Learned Distress, so you can feel better and fulfill your unique purpose in life.

I’m here for you when you’re ready to start!

Sara Avery of Quanta Change