The Quanta Change® Process

What if being YOU felt better? And what if your life could work more easily?

You are probably aware of your negative patterns, and you might even have dug into their early childhood origins. But maybe you’re asking, why hasn’t all the work I’ve done on myself changed these patterns? I hear you!

Quanta Change, unlike most therapy, works with your brain during sleep when your sense of self gets recharged. It’s the positive and negative feelings stored in your sense of self that automatically generate every moment of your life.

Quanta Change allows you to tap into that sleep recharging time to permanently peel off layers of the negative feelings, called Learned Distress®. So, you feel better. Your life works better. And you get to discover and fulfill your life’s unique purpose.


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Hi, I’m Sara Avery!

I’m the Executive Director of Quanta Change, and I’ve been guiding people through this process for nearly 20 years.

My goal as a Quanta Change Guide is to support you through the process of removing the blocks to your well-being, so you can finally feel good being yourself and have a life that works better for you.


What People Are Saying about Quanta Change


What People Are Saying about
Quanta Change

Check out Our Blog

Check out
Our Blog