Mimi Herrmann, Quanta Change founder, told me this story just as I was beginning the process for myself.  It gave me a great idea of what was to come… and it still gives me goosebumps when I tell it:

Long ago, there was a war that had been going on for many years.  The convention of the day was to put prisoners of war to death by firing squad, but one general took an unconventional approach with his prisoners.  He gave them a choice: face the firing squad or walk through a black door in the amphitheater.

One day, the general’s aide came to him with a question: “Why hasn’t anyone ever chosen the black door?”  The general answered, “Because they’re afraid of the unknown.”

Then, the aide asked what he really wanted to know: “General, what’s behind the black door?”  With great sadness, the general answered, “The black door leads to their freedom.”

Mimi said that Quanta Change is the black door for us—it leads to our freedom from living with the feeling that there is “something wrong with me” and having to work so hard to try and feel good.  And just as the prisoners could not even imagine the freedom that existed beyond the door, we can’t really imagine what true well-being is like until we experience it.

“Really?” some of you ask.  “I haven’t experienced my true well-being yet?  But I’ve done LOTS of work on myself!”  My own experience and that of many of my clients—some who have “done it all” in the realms of self-help, spiritual growth, therapy, you name it, over decades—is that the freedom that Quanta Change brings truly is different and new.

They say things like, “I’ve never felt anything like this!” or, “That resentment that has been around my whole life. . .it’s just GONE.  I can’t even feel it anymore.”  Or a few months into the process, I’ll remind them of something they’d struggled with their whole lives, and they’ll say, “Oh, yeah, that.  I had forgotten all about it!”  Memory is stored by the intensity of feeling associated with it.  So, when you permanently unlearn a layer of Learned Distress, the memory of it literally disappears.  Not only do you not feel bad at that level anymore, but you don’t even remember how it felt.

Are you ready to walk through your own black door?  To find out what it’s like for your well-being to work for you, not the other way around?