Ever heard someone say, “Garbage in, garbage out”?  This phrase was coined by a computer technician to describe what happens when a computer is given nonsensical code to process – it puts out nonsensical answers.  Sir Issac Newton described this same principle in his Third Law of Motion: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

In her discovery of how human energy behaves, Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann saw this law at work.  Mimi realized that in human energy terms, it was, “Learned Distress in, Learned Distress out.”  She coined her own term for it: “Brain Direction.”

Let’s look at each part of this law.  First, she realized that Sensory Learning is the “action.”

(You may remember from my last post that Mimi discovered that early in life, we absorb Learned Distress – the feeling that “there is something wrong with me” – in the process she called “Sensory Learning.”  Sensory Learning puts into place our sense of self, our unique sense of how it feels to be human.  This sense of self – or sensory brain, as Mimi sometimes called it – is like a battery which stores 2 kinds of energy: our natural well-being, which is the kernel of energy we started out with, and Learned Distress.)

The “opposite” in human energy terms is that the brain generates each moment of our lives directly from the energy stored in the sense of self battery.  The energy came in during Sensory Learning (the “action”) and now, the energy is going out as the energy we live each day with (the “opposite reaction”).

To understand the “equal” part, we need to understand that memory is stored by the quality and intensity of feeling associated with it.  In other words, your brain stores what you feel strongly.  These stored feelings are what the sensory brain uses to generate the moments of your life (the “equal reaction”).

For example, let’s say that a new mom momentarily forgot her baby boy and left him in a store, then rushed back.  She is going to likely feel her own Learned Distress strongly in this moment, which means he is going to absorb Learned Distress then, too – in the realm of abandonment or the very common Learned Distress feeling of “I don’t matter.”  He then experiences moments throughout his life in which he is abandoned or feels that he doesn’t matter.  Those moments are generated from the stored Learned Distress of that moment – his Brain Direction generates situations in which he feels he doesn’t matter.

Computers only generate answers from the code they are given.  Likewise, the sensory brain only generates moments from what is stored in the sense of self.  This is what Mimi talked about as the automatic and invisible behavior of human energy, and it’s the reason that she said with certainty that all our negative moments and conditions are generated – automatically and beyond our rational control – from our Learned Distress.

Next time, I’ll talk about the 3rd energy law that Mimi found was so vital to understanding how your energy behaves.  It’s all about how your sense of self battery recharges itself, and this law holds the key to getting rid of your Learned Distress permanently.