How It Works

In Quanta Change Sessions, Sara Avery helps you uncover and unlearn the negative feelings you absorbed early in childhood, which have become the source of your negative moments.

As you uncover layers of this negative feeling, she guides you through telling your brain to release them.

The change then takes place during sleep, when your brain is most open to change.

Quanta Change taps into the part of your brain that generates the moments of your life—and tells your brain that you want to recharge with your well-being instead of negative feelings.

Your brain permanently peels off layers of that old, negative feeling, and your natural, inherent well-being expands to take the place that the negative feelings have always occupied.

Quanta Change Happens through Three Integral Elements

1. SLEEP with the Quanta Change Sensory Message recording—the catalyst for Quanta Change.

2. SHIFT to a better feeling during your negative moments—to tell your brain specifically what you want to change.

3. SHARE with a Quanta Change Guide in Quanta Change Sessions—to learn to navigate the process, track your progress, and celebrate your changes!