One of the most fascinating things I get to do as a Quanta Change Guide is to tie a major dream together with the positive change my client experiences. When I first began my own process, and my guide started to connect the dots with my dreams and my change process, I honestly thought, “Well, that’s interesting, and I’m glad she’s so excited about it, but I’m not sure that these things could all tie together in the way she says they do.” But now, after 13 years of going through my own process and guiding others through theirs, I get just as excited as she did, because I can see how clearly these things really do tie together.

Here’s why dreams are such a potent vehicle for change. Dreams are the time when the sense of self recharges. The sense of self stores how we feel about being ourselves, and the only time it is open to permanently releasing negative feeling is during the recharging time of sleep. So, with the catalyst of the Quanta Change Sensory Message playing and a client’s daytime shifting work to tell their brain specifically what they want to change, this big transformation does actually take place while they dream. As layers of the negative feeling, called Learned Distress, are peeled off permanently, one’s natural well-being expands to take its rightful place as the automatic, generating force in their life.

While this change takes place automatically (so there’s no lucid dreaming involved), and the change has already fully taken place by the time someone is telling me about their dream, it can still be really fun and fascinating to look at dreams. Often, as with the dream I’ll describe below, we can connect the dots between the Learned Distress my client desires to unlearn, the way they’re shifting to tell their brain to unlearn it, the dream itself, and what happens in waking life following it.

The Dream: My client finds that her mother has found a folder of her momentos and is going through it. My client asks strongly, “What are you doing?” Her mother yells at her, saying, “You’re not allowed to have private things.” My client yells back, “Fine, do whatever you like. I have nothing to hide!”

Shift Theme: (Shifting is the daytime work of Quanta Change, which tells the brain specifically what to unlearn during sleep.)

Her shifting work is in the area of openly sharing who she really is.

Context: (You bring people, places, animals, things, situations, or time frames into dreams based on the feeling that they trigger within you. In a Quanta Change dream, it is these triggered feelings that are unlearned.)

1. This client’s mom has always been very controlling. In fact, the client was never allowed to do anything she wanted as a child, including having friends, if it interfered with what her parents wanted her to do. Her career was even dictated by her parents, although she now loves it. Her mom triggers for the feeling that it isn’t safe to be or share who she really is.

2. A folder of momentos is something that my client cherishes and considers private. This element in the dream triggers the feeling of having something that is precious and important to her that she protects from others, much as she has felt she needs to protect what is most precious of herself from others.

Points of Change: (In a Quanta Change dream, each time there is something wrong and the dreamer does something about it, they permanently remove a layer of Learned Distress from their sense of self.)

There are two main points of change. The first is when my client questions her mother so strongly. That has never been an option in real life, and when she has done it, there have only been negative consequences. The second point of change is where she says, “Fine, do whatever you want. I have nothing to hide.” Since this has been the opposite of her experience in life, especially with her mom, you can imagine what an intense dream this was for my client.

Result: This client had an important job interview two days after the dream. She had felt that she needed to mold herself to whatever she thought the hiring team would want, but after this dream, she felt free to fully express herself just as she naturally is. She said, “I have nothing to hide. What’s inside of me needs to come out.” In contrast to previous interviews, her full expression of herself was met with extremely positive feedback, and the company hired her!

Do you have intense or scary dreams? This is when your brain is recharging the most intense of your Learned Distress. Quanta Change taps into that dream time, and often into those same dream themes, to allow your brain to unlearn that Learned Distress for you. Take a look at the people, places, animals, time frames, and situations in those dreams. Then, think of the negative feelings about yourself that are triggered by those elements. This will give you a window into what you could begin unlearning to reveal your natural well-being.