Sara Avery - Quanta Change Executive Director

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Sara Avery, Quanta Change Executive Director, helps people permanently remove blocks to their natural well-being in the areas of health, relationships, career, and personal expression. For nearly two decades, she has guided others through this work, drawing on a five-year collaboration with Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann. Her clients report unprecedented improvements, often after having tried many other avenues of healing and transformation. Click for full bio

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Sara Avery of Quanta Change

About Quanta Change

Quanta Change is a personal transformation process based on more than 20 years of independent research. Clients routinely report unprecedented changes in their lives, often after having pursued many other avenues of healing and personal transformation work.

Quanta Change removes blocks to natural well-being in the realms of physical, mental, and emotional health; relationships; achievement and career; personal expression; and fulfillment of life purpose. Removing these blocks allows natural well-being to become the primary generating force in the client’s life.

Quanta Change, unlike many other personal growth and therapeutic modalities, makes an important, fundamental distinction—our lives result from the behavior of human energy, rather than resulting from human behavior. Our lives are generated automatically by the invisible work of our energy, not by what we think or do.

Early in life we absorbed the feeling that there is something wrong with us being just the way we are. This “Learned Distress” becomes the energy that generates negative situations and conditions in life.

Our sense of self, which stores Learned Distress®, is recharged during sleep. Quanta Change capitalizes on this natural sleep-time recharging to peel away layers of Learned Distress, so that natural, inherent well-being is freed up to be the generating force in life.

Quanta Change occurs through three integral elements:

  • Weekly or bi-weekly phone sessions with Sara Avery
  • Daytime shifting work to tell the brain exactly what change to make during sleep
  • Playing a recorded Quanta Change Sensory Message during sleep to trigger the brain to allow change

What Sara’s Clients Are Saying

Self-worth: “When I first came to Quanta Change, I was surviving on worthlessness, doubt, and uncertainty. My marriage was falling apart, my job unfulfilling and my self-worth dwindling. Something had to shift. I am now more accepting of myself with my imperfections and perfections. I know now, even in the midst of inevitable struggles, I have the value and worth to handle them. What once would have devastated me, I now see differently. I am able to come from a new place of well-being and know I will keep finding my way to more self-peace.”

Career and daily life: “Quanta Change has been an undeniable part of my physical and emotional health, as well as my mental focus. It has also noticeably helped me weigh the merits of major life changes, and view them in a different and ultimately more productive way. Not only has QC helped me to resolve quickly ongoing physical issues and shorten any relapses that might occur, but it has directly affected my professional outlook. The method makes logical sense, and it gets to the heart of matters that may have impeded progress for a lifetime.”

Relationships and family: “Quanta Change has changed my life. It has enabled me to enjoy my family, work, and my own personal time so much more. It changed my behavior and outlook within a couple weeks, and I felt a lot better after three or four months.”

Health: “I used to get ‘stress colds’ about six times a year, and I have only had two very slight ones since I started Quanta Change 15 months ago. My health has never been better.”

Anxiety: “It feels so good to sleep like a normal person. And, I’m blown away at the lack of anxiety, which was controlling my life.”

Relationships: “I didn’t think this kind of relationship was even available to me. All the quirks about me that I thought were wrong, he either doesn’t notice or that’s what he loves about me. I’ve been treated better than by anyone in my entire life. Things are also very different with my family. I don’t feel like I have to live up to their expectations, anymore.”