Learned Distress® and Sensory Quotient® Services

Uncovering Your Negative Patterns

Learned Distress Services will reveal the source of your fears and other negative feeling patterns with our unique approach to guiding you to uncover your well-being. Through a proprietary methodology and question & answer sessions delivered by highly trained Quanta Change Guides, you will discover the real reasons you feel the way you do, how the situations of your life are generated, and why you respond to them the way you do.

Utilizing Learned Distress Services as one element of our overall Quanta Change work with clients, you will start seeing your individual history and coping mechanisms in an entirely new way that will lead you to uncovering your well-being.

Defining Your Negative Patterns

Sensory Quotient Services lead you through the ongoing experience of identifying the fears and coping mechanisms you will uncover in your unique life history. The services guide you to understand your individual history in the context of overall human patterns of negative feeling. You will receive a personalized evaluation based on the way your own negative feelings fit uniquely within this bigger context.