Quanta Change Glossary

Learned Distress®: The feeling that “there is something wrong with me being just as I am.” You absorbed this feeling from conception until age 2 1/2 from the way people around you felt about being human. Stored in your sense of self along with well-being, it is the feeling from which your brain generates every moment that feels bad or difficult. Learned Distress can be unlearned.

Well-being: The feeling that “I am OK exactly as the unique human being that I am.” Well-being is the core of who you are, the nucleus of energy that you began with in the womb. Stored in your sense of self along with Learned Distress, it is the feeling from which your brain generates every moment that feels good in your life. Over time, well-being becomes overwhelmed by your Learned Distress. Unlearning Learned Distress gradually uncovers your well-being.

Sense of Self: Your unique sense of how it feels to be human. It stores 2 kinds of feeling – well-being and Learned Distress. This “battery” holds the energy from which your brain automatically generates every moment of your life, based on how it feels to be you.

Sensory Quotient® (SQ): A “picture” of your Learned Distress graphed from a “personality test” form. There are six basic SQ patterns: Idealist, Optimist, Perfectionist, Defeatist, Dictator, and Caregiver.

Brain Direction: The force of energy that generates every moment of your life from your sense of self, the unique way it feels to be you.

Quanta Change®: The process that allows you to gradually and permanently unlearn layers of Learned Distress. Quanta Change works with your brain during sleep, because that is when your Sense of Self is open to permanent change. Participants report changes in all areas of life. They feel calmer, more confident in their own abilities, less stressed, and more able to handle what comes along. Their situations become easier without them having to work for it. Others treat them more kindly and respectfully, without having asked for different treatment.

Quanta Change Sensory Message: A recorded message that provides a catalyst for change while you sleep. On it, Sara Avery reads her script that describes in imagery your shift from feeling bad to feeling good. Her words are accompanied by soft, gentle music. You will hear everything that is on the recording – there are no subliminal messages.

Quanta Change Dream: The mechanism for unlearning. Your brain generates them automatically for you based on the input from the Quanta Change Sensory Message plus the daytime shifting work you do to tell your brain specifically what you want to change. This is not lucid dreaming – in fact, it’s important to let your brain do this for you without any conscious control. In a Quanta Change Dream, something feels wrong, and you do something about it. The something wrong can be as mild as not liking the food on your plate or as intense as someone trying to kill you. What you do about it can be as mild as thinking to yourself, “I don’t really like this food,” or as intense as killing the person who was trying to attack you. Each time you take one of these actions, you permanently unlearn Learned Distress. The dream does not have to “resolve” for you to have unlearned (and often doesn’t).