Sometimes Quanta Change brings dramatic, longed-for changes.  One of these happened for a talented singer-songwriter and guitarist whose health issues prevented him from playing guitar for several years.  Having his favorite creative pursuit stifled was discouraging, but he had accepted it.  The direct connection between his health problems and inability to play led to a fascinating Quanta Change.

This man’s Sensory Quotient pattern of Learned Distress is called the Optimist.  Optimists, as defined by Quanta Change, survive by having a crisis today to prove that tomorrow will be better.  The problem is that the brain only understands the present moment, so “tomorrow” is always in the future, and there is always a crisis now.  Hence, having health problems that create a crisis can be a comfort zone for Optimists, as has been the case for this man.

Recently, he was asked to go through an invasive heart procedure.  He was so reluctant to do it that he decided to push back against having yet another health crisis that needed intervention.  He focused his daytime Quanta Change shifting work on the feeling that the heart issue could resolve itself, hoping that the procedure might be unnecessary.  On the morning of the procedure, he felt strongly that he didn’t need to have it and even told the pre-op nurse that he would be back in just a few minutes.  And he was right!  The pre-procedure ultrasound showed that the heart issue had fixed itself.  His cardiologist said he had never seen this issue resolve on its own so quickly.

This alone would have been a fantastic Quanta Change story, but even more happened.  A couple of days later (and after more than 4 years of just accepting that he couldn’t play), he felt inspired to exchange his 2 guitars for an instrument that would be less taxing to play.  This kind of “out of the blue” inspiration is a sure sign that Quanta Change is happening.  He took his guitars to a local dealer where he expected to leave them on consignment and get a new instrument when they were sold.  It might have taken months, but at least he had started the process.

One of his guitars was an unusual, older instrument.  As he talked to the guitar dealer about trade-in possibilities, another man walked in and said he was trying to find something older and unusual.  He looked at this instrument and bought it on the spot!  With the store credit for just that guitar, my client was able to purchase a smaller guitar that was easier to play.  Just a couple of hours after making the decision to trade in his instruments, he walked out of the store with a playable guitar.

As he started to play it at home, he found that he could play for more than 5 minutes. . .more than 10 minutes.  In all, he played for 45 minutes that first day without any serious pain and only minor cramping in one finger, which he didn’t think was possible on ANY guitar.  He said that it had been a remarkable week, and I have to agree!

Although his Quanta Change shifting was specific to the heart issue, his brain heard the more general message that he was ready to move away from constant crisis and toward his body working well NOW.  His change moved far beyond just overcoming a health issue – all the way to a new beginning in creative self-expression.  This is why people sometimes use the word “miracle” when talking about their Quanta Change.  This kind of change is what I have come to expect, and it is always exciting to see it happen!

(Important note: I always insist that my clients keep working with their healthcare providers on any medical issues.  Quanta Change is not a substitute for medical care.)