January 6, 2020 Workshop - Broomfield

Why Your Negative Patterns Keep Repeating—and How You Can Change That

Monday, January 6, 6-7:30pm

Interactive Workshop with Sara Avery, Quanta Change® Executive Director
Location: The Healing Studio, 18 Garden Center, Broomfield, CO

  • Is there something that needs to change—in how you feel or in how part of your life works?
  • Have you had to work harder for the same results?
  • Are you not even getting the results you used to with strategies that used to work?
  • Or, do you feel you never even had strategies that worked to allow your life to be good?

In this two-hour, interactive workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why negative patterns keep happening, despite your very best efforts to stop them
  • Why the methods you’ve tried to feel better and stop negative patterns haven’t worked
  • Why none of this is your fault, something you’ve chosen, or something you’ve created
  • How you can tap into the brain’s natural recharging process to move your life back in the direction you want – in your relationships, work, health, and daily life

Learn about your individual source of negative patterns:

  • You’ll learn about the six Sensory Quotient patterns of Learned Distress
  • We’ll explore the SQ patterns and how they show up in your life
  • You’ll get to ask questions about your own Learned Distress and how it’s generating the biggest challenges in your life
Workshop Fee: $20.00. Scroll down to register

Sara Avery smilingWorkshop Leader:  Sara Avery, Quanta Change Executive Director, has been guiding people through the Quanta Change Process for nearly 20 years. She has helped people around the world experience unprecedented change in relationships, health, work, daily life, and self-expression. She worked side-by-side with Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann for five years to further refine the process, which she has continued to do ever since. She lives in Lafayette with her awesome rescue dog, Neka.