Success Stories

Some common experiences most Quanta Change® participants share:

  • Sleeping better, more consistently, more deeply
  • Feeling calmer
  • Feeling “lighter” and less burdened
  • Having situations work better and more easily than ever before
  • Being able to speak up about what matters to them more comfortably

The overall story of any Quanta Change participant would take many pages, but here are some snippets of people’s change stories:

Underlying anxiety shifts to underlying peace

This woman’s way of life was worry.  There weren’t many moments when she wasn’t concerned about something, even if the anxiety was “in the background.”  Through this process, her underlying sense increasingly is one of peace and trust that her life is OK. She reports something common to QC participants – that she doesn’t have to continue working at this, but that it’s just there for her.  She also finds that when she is concerned about something, the intensity is much lower and it lasts for a much shorter time than before.

Mother & son find new ways forward at pivotal moment

A mother, nearing the empty nest phase of her life, came to me saying she couldn’t imagine what there could be for her to do in life beyond caring for her sons.  Her Sensory Quotient® pattern is the Perfectionist, one whose survival depends on keeping everything under tight control, to make sure everything around her is the “right” way.  She extended this to keeping her family under control, so that they depended upon her to tell them everything to do and when.  As her Quanta Change process progressed, she found herself sick and tired of telling everyone what to do all the time.

Several months later, her 20-year old son began working with me on his process, with a big focus on changing his inability to achieve good grades and satisfaction at school.  He had been diagnosed as a child with ADHD and in the past year of college, his anxiety about school and inability to focus had left him with what he and his parents felt was an unacceptable report card.  His Sensory Quotient pattern is a combination between the Caregiver (a very dependent and “people pleaser” pattern) and the Optimist (one whose Brain Direction creates crisis today to prove that tomorrow will be better – Optimists live in constant crisis).  He had grown up depending on his mom to get to the “yelling” point to start to do “what he should.”  And his Optimist-crisis pattern created the inability to focus and learn his school materials.

The mom’s change process focused around relaxing and enjoying what matters to her.  The son’s change process focused on knowing that his well-being allows him to have everything he needs to achieve what matters to him.  As these interactive changes happened, the mom found herself interested in some specific ways to help bridge the gap between rich and poor.  The son found himself (without any effort) “doing things he should” without any chiding from his mom.  He went on to find himself studying much differently and in a more focused way, feel an absence of anxiety around school classes, and get a 97% on his first school exam.  He said that until this point, he felt that he was dumb and would have to drop out of school, but is now looking forward to his next exam and thinks that he can handle nursing school, which he has dreamt about.

Artery blockage disappears

A man in his 50’s began Quanta Change just a couple of months before a scheduled heart surgery.  After his last diagnostic exam before surgery, his surgeon came into the recovery room to say that he didn’t need surgery – his heart blockage was gone and the doctor didn’t have an explanation.  The only change this man had made was beginning Quanta Change.  (Note: Quanta Change is not a substitute for medical care.)

A teenage girl sees multiple changes

This young woman’s bodywork practitioner reported “overnight” changes in her flexibility and response to bodywork when she began sleeping with the CD.  And she was able to go to a summer camp for the first time and enjoy her time away, rather than depend on multiple daily phone calls home – her family had to call her, instead!  She even left at home the bag of “security blanket” items she made especially for such trips.

Shift in “degenerative” hearing loss condition

A teenage boy with significant hearing loss since birth went in for a check-up shortly after beginning Quanta Change.  His doctors had said all along that his condition was degenerative and irreversible.  However, he actually showed a gain in his hearing capability that his doctors couldn’t explain. (Note: Quanta Change is not a substitute for medical care.)

Work relationships shift

For years, this woman had worked in an environment with strong male personalities, whom she often clashed with, and she found these working conditions harsh.  Shortly after beginning Quanta Change, their attitude towards her shifted and they became very complimentary and offered their help often.  She also found herself shifting without effort or anxiety out of the workaholic schedule (75+ hour weeks) she had been working for years.

Plantar warts disappear

This young woman had been plagued by years with warts on the bottoms of her feet.  She tried every treatment available, but nothing worked.  She had stopped many of the activities that she loved, including hiking and running, due to the pain they caused.  Several weeks into Quanta Change, they just fell out and the skin on the bottoms of her feet was like new baby skin. (Note: Quanta Change is not a substitute for medical care.)

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