I’ve been guiding others through their own Quanta Change process since 2000. I studied and partnered with founder Mimi Herrmann for five years and edited her book, Opening Your Black Door (out of print).  Through nearly daily conversations with her, I came to a deep understanding of her research and how it applies uniquely to each person I work with. And through our collaboration, we further refined the process that I now help others experience.

My own Quanta Change process has been literally life-changing. When I first met Mimi, I was very ill with overall endocrine (hormonal) suppression.  The “brain fog” and fatigue made it impossible to continue my full-time career as an professional violinist.  I had tried all the alternative and conventional treatments and nothing was working.  My last resort, at age 29, was to block and replace all my hormones–essentially go on “hormonal life support” for the rest of my life.  When I had blocked and replaced one hormone at a time another hormone would drop and I would feel even worse.  It seemed to me that there was something on a deeper level “keeping me down,” no matter what I did to try and fix it.

When I met Mimi and she explained Learned Distress®, I knew that I had found that “something.” My father was very ill when I was born and died when I was 3 1/2.  Mimi and I identified the early conditions that I was surrounded by as the result of his illness as the source of my own illness.  We used this knowledge as the basis of my shifting early on in my Quanta Change process and within 4 months, my health had turned around completely.  I went from taking 80+ pills a day to taking none at all (which is still the case 9 years later).  Symptoms of endocrine suppression which I could remember having as early as age 8 have disappeared permanently.

There isn’t a part of my life Quanta Change hasn’t touched. My relationships, my ability to support myself emotionally and financially, and my general outlook on life have shifted radically for the better.  As a Quanta Change Guide, I use my own personal experience in the process, as well as my experience with clients, to help you understand your own process.

The first day I spoke with Mimi, I remember thinking, “If she has what she says she has, this is the way through the wall I’ve been hitting when I try to feel good.”  For over a decade, I’ve been discovering that Quanta Change really does what she said–moves one gradually in the direction of their natural state, a life generated effortlessly from well-being.  Mimi’s dream was to spark an epidemic of well-being, and I’ve taken on her dream and made it my own.  I hope that you’ll join Mimi and me and become part of this epidemic!

Please contact me with any questions you have. Or, click to get your free, personalized report that I will prepare for you. Helping others understand this process is my passion and I look forward to hearing from you!

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