Step 1: Get your Free Quanta Change Profile & Assessment

Discovering the source of your negative patterns is the first step in taking your life in a new direction. You’ll get a personalized report based on your answers to a short, online evaluation. You’ll learn:

  • The characteristics of your Sensory Quotient® pattern of survival.
  • What happens when your survival mechanism falls apart.
  • The positive direction your life will take by engaging in Quanta Change.

Your free, 30-minute phone assessment will help you understand the origin of your most vexing problem and how your life will change as you address it through Quanta Change.

Click to get your FREE, personalized report.

Step 2: Set up an Introductory Quanta Change Session

In this 90-minute phone session, you’ll get an in-depth explanation of your Sensory Quotient and how it is generating the negative situations in your life.

In response, people often say, “Are you psychic? How did you know that about me?” The next thing I hear is, “For the first time ever, I understand why these things have been happening in my life!”

Then, I’ll ask you about the specific changes you want in life and we’ll explore how Quanta Change can help you achieve them.

Fee: $140 US
Click the button to sign up. Once you’ve paid for your session, I’ll contact you by email to schedule.

Step 3: Start Uncovering Your Well-Being through Quanta Change

“I’ve done so much work on myself—healing modalities, therapy, meditation, and more—and I’ve never gotten results like these. I’ve never felt this good!”

Quanta Change participants have been telling me this for more than a decade, so it doesn’t surprise me, anymore. But for each person experiencing it, it’s a life-changing experience.

Quanta Change takes place through these integral elements:

1. SLEEP with the Quanta Change Sensory Message recording—the catalyst for Quanta Change.

2. SHIFT to a better feeling during your negative moments—to tell your brain specifically what you want to change.

3. SHARE with a Quanta Change Guide in Quanta Change Sessions—to learn to navigate the process, track your progress, and celebrate your changes!

Session Structure

The source of your negative patterns has been building up, layer by layer, every night of your life. So, while the Quanta Change you experience will be dramatic, it won’t happen all at once, right away. You’ll peel away layers of Learned Distress® one by one, and as you do, you’ll feel better and your life will work better.

Because of the gradual and often intense nature of this process, new clients must commit to having a session with me every 2 weeks for the first 6 months. Most people continue with that frequency for 2-3 years.

I recommend beginning with weekly sessions. Most people find that working together weekly for the first few months of Quanta Change moves their process forward in the most consistent and smooth way.

We’ll have our sessions by phone (or Skype for those outside the US).


$140 US per session (invoiced via PayPal, payment due at time of service)
I do have a sliding scale–please inquire, if the full fee is outside your financial capacity.
Sessions typically last 45 minutes–1 hour
Cancellation policy: Please cancel 24 hours in advance. Session fee is due in full if you cancel fewer than 24 hours in advance.

Click to get your FREE, personalized Quanta Change report.