Why Change Is So Darned Hard

Why change is so hardAre you working really hard to create good change for yourself, but not seeing much change?

Do you still wake up day after day feeling the same?

Are you stuck in the same situations?

The same kinds of relationship dynamics?

Do you do all the right things, but never see the promised results?

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Why You Just Can’t Stop Working

Why you can't stop working“Why do I feel guilty when I’m not working?”

Sound familiar?

Or, are you too busy to even think about it?

Do you have fond memories of relaxing and having fun years ago?

Or, are you lifelong workaholic?

Have you struggled to create balance in your life?

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Why “The Secret” Doesn’t Work (and What Does)

Woman with arms crossedHas the Universe failed you?

You watched “The Secret,”and their promises sounded so good.

So, you’ve labored to change your thinking, to raise your vibration.

You’ve done more affirmations than you can count.

You’ve visualized. You’ve made vision boards.

You’ve put what you really want out to the Universe.

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How to Triumph over Defeatism

Man overcomes his defeatism“Nothing ever works for me!”

Have you ever said this to yourself?

Maybe screamed it at the top of your lungs?

Does it only happen in one part of your life, like career or relationships?

Or is defeatism just the way life is for you?

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How to Stop Worrying about What People Think of You

Worried womanYour mind won’t stop.

You just talked with a friend or finished an important meeting.

Over the next few hours or days, every detail of the conversation plays itself over and over in your head.

As each detail flashes by, a voice in your head asks, “What did they think of that?” “Why did you say it that way?”

Or, the voice just screams, “Wow, that was stupid.

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