You Want the Best for Others…but Why?

Why you want your child to succeed matters.Clients often share with me intense concern for their loved ones or friends who are struggling in some way. There’s a very natural and positive side to wanting those around us to be well and succeed, and I celebrate that. But, there’s often an element of Learned Distress at play, also.

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The Soul Grows by Subtraction

Soul growth can take place when Learned Distress is removed.The soul grows by subtraction. ~ Meister Eckhart

Every day, I’m fortunate enough to witness the wonder that 13th century mystic Meister Eckhart was talking about. It seems so paradoxical, doesn’t it? But, it gets clearer when you understand what needs to be subtracted to allow the soul’s growth.

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Is It Interdependence, or Really Just Co-Dependence?

Interdependence is not the same thing as co-dependence.The idea of interdependence is an important and necessary one for us to embrace in modern life. We’ve moved beyond the days of subsistence, where we produce and make nearly everything we need. This gives us the ability to express our individuality and uniqueness in ways that we never could if our survival depended upon raising our own food, creating our own shelter, and managing everything that goes along with doing that ourselves.

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