Is Enough Really Enough for You?

How much is enoughWhen I start talking about the concept of having enough with my clients, I can almost guarantee what the response will be. This conversation is most often about money, but it sometimes is about time or energy, too. I ask them to imagine what it would feel like to have enough, and the response is almost always, “Can’t we say ‘more than enough’?”

Why is it that enough rarely feels like enough?

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You Have Everything You Need within You

Facing loss or challenges with more inner strengthAs you may know, I live near Boulder, Colorado, which is experiencing devastating floods. While I have not suffered any property damage, myself, many around me have. When I was thinking what I might say to help those who are facing the loss of their homes, their businesses, and most heartbreaking of all, their loved ones, I kept coming back to the article below that I published several months ago.

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Why Doesn’t My Hard Work Pay Off?

Why doesn't hard work bring success?One of my clients says that she “always has to work twice as hard for half as much.” Do you know this feeling? Or, maybe you even feel like you work really hard for no pay-off at all. This is such a frustrating piece of Learned Distress, the feeling we absorbed early in life that there’s something wrong with us being exactly the way we are.

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Can You Be Too Humble?

Are you being too humble?Humility is a great thing, right? “Being humble is a virtue.” “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” Actually, I think that message is not meant for everyone. What about those of us who humble ourselves out of the picture entirely?

You know who you are.

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Change While You Sleep…Really!

Dreaming womanI know. It sounds way too good to be true. When I first heard about Quanta Change, I thought, “Yeah, right. Whatever.” But, I was intrigued enough to explore it, and 13 years later, I’m telling you from personal experience and having watched it happen for so many clients…change during sleep is not only possible, but sleep is actually the key to deep, lasting change.

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