The Procrastination Fix Within You

The cure for procrastination“Procrastination” does NOT equal “lazy.”

This is one of my favorite things to tell people who procrastinate, as so many of us do! I have found that most procrastination stems from a couple different negative feelings you might have absorbed early in childhood, which are now stored in your sense of self.

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The Door from Struggle to Well-being

Black DoorDo you keep facing the same frustrating situation again, and again, no matter what you do? Or, do things work pretty well in your life, but you keep feeling bad, and you just can’t figure out how to change that? Have you maybe even thrown up your hands and conceded, “This is just the way life is!”?

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Does Life Have to Be THIS Hard?

There’s a question I like to ask my clients at the beginning of their work with me.  First, I describe two choices:

Choice 1: We’re blessed to live in a world with the sun that does many things for us and our planet—it gives us warmth, drives our weather patterns, nourishes our plant life, and countless other things we couldn’t live without. 

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Why Changing Your Thinking Doesn’t Work

How many times have you heard this? “Want to change your negative patterns? Change your thinking!”

I disagree. What allows me to make this bold statement, and what is it that we need to change, instead?

The 20+ years of research behind Quanta Change® plus my own 16-year career in guiding people through this process has led me to firmly reject the “change your thinking” paradigm.

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Why Change Is So Darned Hard

Why change is so hardAre you working really hard to create good change for yourself, but not seeing much change?

Do you still wake up day after day feeling the same?

Are you stuck in the same situations?

The same kinds of relationship dynamics?

Do you do all the right things, but never see the promised results?

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