The Sensory Quotient – the Dictator Pattern

Survival for Dictators is based on making everything go their way. While the Perfectionist is concerned with things being the “right” way (which is often determined by external research), the Dictator’s way is determined internally: “My way is the only way.” They make sure that everyone else does things their way, also—the Dictator always knows best.

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The Sensory Quotient – the Optimist Pattern

This isn’t your typical definition of “optimist.”  Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann defined Optimists as people whose survival depends on creating a crisis today to prove that tomorrow will be better. “Tomorrow must be better than what’s going on today!”

The sensory brain, the part that stores our sense of self, can only comprehend the present moment. 

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The Story of Your Energy – Part 2: Learned Distress IN, Learned Distress OUT

Ever heard someone say, “Garbage in, garbage out”?  This phrase was coined by a computer technician to describe what happens when a computer is given nonsensical code to process – it puts out nonsensical answers.  Sir Issac Newton described this same principle in his Third Law of Motion: “To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

In her discovery of how human energy behaves, Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann saw this law at work. 

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It’s Not about Your Thinking!

How many times have you heard, “Want something to be different?Change your thinking!”I disagree. What allows me to make this bold statement, and what is it that we need to change, instead?

The work of Mimi Herrmann allows me to reject the “change your thinking” paradigm.

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