How Dreams Run Your Life

Do you know how much influence your dreams having on your waking life?  It’s immeasurable.  Each night, your brain takes how you feel about being human to sleep with you.  It uses that feeling to recharge your sense of self, which is the invisible engine that generates every moment of your life.  

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Dreams: Your Brain Works Hard While You Sleep

Dreaming woman“You need to get more work done.  Can you go back to sleep?”  Mimi Herrmann, Quanta Change founder, said that to me a few times over the years.  You’re probably laughing, but she was completely serious.

Dreams are your brain’s vehicle for recharging your batteries – specifically, the battery that stores how you feel about being human and how you deal the situations in your life.  

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Procrastination Isn’t What You Think


“Procrastination” does NOT equal “lazy.”  This is one of my favorite things to tell people who procrastinate, as so many of us do! Procrastination stems from the fear that “I don’t know how to do this perfectly.”  You can say this in a number of ways, including, “I’m not smart enough,” and, “I’m not good enough.”  Or, your inner voice might say, “I HAVE to do this perfectly,” or, “I HAVE to show everyone that I know how.”

When this form of Learned Distress is triggered, we do everything we can to avoid having “I’m not good enough” confirmed once again, or having people see our deepest secret – that we aren’t perfect.  

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The Sensory Quotient – Intro and The Idealist

Introduction to the SQ

The Sensory Quotient is a personality tool that helps you see how your Learned Distress is generating the negative situations in your life.  The SQ can help you see that the negative stuff happening for you isn’t just “the way it is to be me,” but rather just the result of the Learned Distress (which you can unlearn).

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The Sensory Quotient – the Defeatist Pattern

The Defeatist’s survival mechanism might seem a big strange or nonsensical, even.  Their survival depends on creating proof that nothing ever works. They always expect something to be wrong and that nothing will change.  They’re always waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”

Quanta Change founder Mimi Herrmann said that the Defeatist believes that something will overwhelm their Plan A, so they will always have to accept a lowly Plan B

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