Is Competition Good or Bad for You?

17 years ago, a shocking paradox was revealed through my Quanta Change® Sensory Quotient®: I hate competition, and yet, I’m very competitive.

When you have my personality pattern, it doesn’t feel safe to compete. In my first career as a professional violinist, I would go to symphony orchestra auditions, which are very competitive, and make friends with everyone, encourage them to do well, but be secretly thinking to myself, “But not too well, because I want to win!” (You can find out your personality pattern by taking the free Sensory Quotient test.)

Since then, I’ve done a lot of work to unlearn my buried competitive tendencies, and I’ve thought a lot about this subject.

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The Procrastination Fix Within You

The cure for procrastination“Procrastination” does NOT equal “lazy.”

This is one of my favorite things to tell people who procrastinate, as so many of us do! I have found that most procrastination stems from a couple different negative feelings you might have absorbed early in childhood, which are now stored in your sense of self.

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The Door from Struggle to Well-being

Black DoorDo you keep facing the same frustrating situation again, and again, no matter what you do? Or, do things work pretty well in your life, but you keep feeling bad, and you just can’t figure out how to change that? Have you maybe even thrown up your hands and conceded, “This is just the way life is!”?

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