Learn Why Your Negative Patterns Keep Repeating


  • Do you feel like *nothing works* for you, anymore? (Or, maybe it never did?)
  • Are your attempts to stop negative patterns or situations failing—in your relationships, work, health, or daily life?
  • Are your negative patterns even getting worse?
  • Or, is it *getting harder to succeed*or keep things under control, no matter how hard you work?
  • Have the strategies that used to work for you to feel good or succeed in life stopped working, partially or entirely?

*It’s not your fault!* It’s because your Learned Distress®—the feeling that something is wrong with you—is getting in the way of things working well for you. The good news is that *Learned Distress can be unlearned!*

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  • A *FREE, personalized report* that includes:
    • Your Sensory Quotient® showing your Learned Distress pattern(s)
    • A description of how your Sensory Quotient generates the negative patterns in your life and *how that can change*
  • An offer for a *FREE 30-minute phone assessment* to discuss:
    • How your Learned Distress is generating your biggest challenge
    • How your life can start moving in the direction you want, instead

*”The SQ test is highly accurate. I was shocked that just by answering a few questions, this test somehow pinpointed the deepest patterns that took me years to uncover on my own.”* —Chris B.>

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