Your Energy Creates Your Story

How did you get your personality?  How were your fears and passions formed?  Would you believe that all of the characteristics that are uniquely “you” were formed before you were three years old?  How does this “you” run your life TODAY?

Quanta Change® uncovers the invisible story that your brain uses to create your life.  Through sessions with Quanta Change Guide Sara Avery, you’ll uncover the feeling you absorbed early on that “there is something wrong with me being just the way I am.”  This negative feeling is the source of each moment and situation that doesn’t feel good for you.

Then, as it has for many over the past 20 years, Quanta Change permanently peels away layers of these negative feelings. Your brain starts to use your natural, inherent well-being to generate your life and a new feeling emerges–a sense of hope that your life really can be good–easily!  Things start to work better effortlessly–in relationships, work, your health–without the familiar, built-in obstacles of all those years ago.

Here’s what someone said after just a few weeks of Quanta Change:

“I feel ‘charmed’ in some way . . . some piece of resentment, big, old, heavy resentment is gone from my being.  [My massage therapist] observed that my neck looked longer and my body was emanating radiant energy . . . Staying away from sugar and breads is easy — no effort.  [At work,] my boss handed me a box of tissues and encouraged me to cry until I felt better!  He asked me if he could get me food or do anything to help [with a long work night] and told me to take 2 days off next week and bill him.  These are miracles!!!”
–Gail C.

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